Our database contains valuable information about each Neighborhood Council and its governing board members. It includes the names of and contact information for each of its board members, the single main contact person, mailing address, meeting time and location, website address, boundaries, City Council districts, planning areas, and key historical dates. This information is available to you in several different formats.
Download Neighborhood Council Board Member Information.

Here you can download a list of board members belonging to one or more Neighborhood Councils, which you can select individually, by Planning Area, or by City Council District.
View or Print Information for a Single Neighborhood Council.

Select a Neighborhood Council from this list to view or print its complete information. Use the hyperlinks to send an e-mail message to an individual, view the map of Neighborhood Council, or connect to its website.

Or, click on the map to view a list of all the Neighborhood Councils within the same area and connect to its information one at a time.

View or Print the Entire Roster.

Click here to view or print the entire roster for all Neighborhood Councils. (It's about 100 pages.)

View or Print Information for Neighborhood Councils by Planning Area or City Council District.

View or print rosters for a single Neighborhood Council, many, all those within a City Council district, or all those within a planning area. Receive the information in Excel, Word, or PDF.